J.J. (Jack) Hagen, A.L.S. along with his wife Joyce founded Hagen Surveys out of his home in 1967. The company expanded and was incorporated in 1982 to become Hagen Surveys (1982) Ltd. Jack is now retired and the company is 100% employee owned and operated with the principals being David J. Hagen, A.L.S., P.Eng. and Nicholas Ronsko, A.L.S., C.L.S.

Hagen Surveys has gone from surveying using a Gunter’s chain and theodolites to using RTK GPS, robotic total stations and UAV’s. We are continually keeping up to date with new technology while maintaining the practices and principles that have been producing dependable and reliable survey results to our clientele for the last 50 years.

Our success is due to our dedicated staff, of which the majority have grown with the company. Many employees started with us as summer students or temporary workers and have established themselves as cornerstones of our practice. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our devoted customers, who have been using our services and expertise for many years due to our high level of service.

Hagen Surveys work site in Edmonton