Although most people think of a condominium as a building or as a specific unit within a building, in reality a condominium is a type of ownership of property. Simply put a condominium is defined as the ownership of individual units as well as an interest in the common property that is associated with the condominium project. Condominiums are used in a wide range of projects, from residential high-rise buildings, commercial strip malls, duplex and semi-detached buildings, bareland condominiums which model a conventional subdivision with the condominium ownership model and everything in between.

Hagen Surveys specialized in Condominium Surveys and has been preparing condominium plans since founder J.J. Hagen, A.L.S. registered the first condominium in Canada back in 1967. We as surveyors can be involved in condominium projects even before the project breaks ground by completing proposed condominium plans for the purpose of pre-selling units and including the plan in disclosure documents. We help you every step of the way including subdivision and condominium applications with the municipality, preparation of the condominium plans, preparation of documents required to have your condominium plan registered and registration of the plan at Land Titles.

In more complex cases, we have prepared strata plans to help deal with mixed use buildings and to create greater control of what is considered common property. We can also assist in the amendment of existing condominium plans. Let us put our expertise to use for you!

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