A Site and Topographic Survey is a survey plan which shows visible improvements on a property in relation to the property boundaries. This plan also shows geodetic elevations through out the site. This plan is used for obtaining development permits, design of new structures and storm water management plans and so on. This type of plan is important with any new construction or development project as it ensures that all encumbrances, such as rights or ways or easements are shown so that there aren’t any unforeseen conflicts with any future development as well as painting an accurate picture of the site as it exists at the time of survey.

This type of survey can be scaled up or down in scope to suit any project and can be as comprehensive as a 3D drawing with elevation drawings of buildings or as simple as a plan showing boundaries and encumbrances only. In addition, we can add recent aerial photography using our UAV to overlay on the plan for the extra visual information that can be important for any project. Contact us for more information or to request a quote for this service.

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