The process of subdividing a piece of property, whether it be separating a single lot in to 2 lots, adjusting a boundary between 2 lots or creating a 200 lot subdivision has several steps. The team at Hagen Surveys can guide you through the application and planning process all the way to having a survey plan registered at the Land Titles Office creating new titles to the properties. This can include preparing tentative plans, subdivision applications, performing a legal survey of subdivision by placing survey monuments in the field, preparing plan of survey of subdivisions or Descriptive Plan of Subdivision as well as right of way or easement plans as required.

We specialize in urban infill subdivision and have been at the forefront of the shift to infill development within the City of Edmonton over the past 10 years. Put our experience in this field to work for you!

Contact us for more information on the process of subdividing whether you are just getting started or if you have already applied for subdivision and have been granted conditional approval and we can provide you with a quotation for our services.

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