The time and cost saving benefits of collecting information by UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones) are being realized by an increasing number of construction and engineering operations. Our team can utilize this technology to help you monitor a site’s progress, calculate volumes, inspect infrastructure, generate 3D models, and so much more.

Hagen Surveys UAV Drone

UAV Services Include:

Pre-Design Survey – During the design stage of a project, a highly detailed aerial map can be overlaid onto an initial site or topographic survey. This ensures you don’t miss any details in the design stage and eliminates potential extra costs.
As-Built Survey – After a project is complete or a portion of the project is complete, our team can fly over your site and the mapping imagery collected can be compared against design drawings.
Measure Volumes – Our latest UAV technology can quickly and accurately generate material volumes for stockpiles or excavations.
Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps and 3D models – Have a high resolution map or model supplied in your preferred coordinate system. Highly detailed mapping can be completed on large areas with the use of our UAVs.
High Definition Photography or Videography – Capture stunning images or video of your property or project. Take photographs from design floor heights to show prospective customers their potential view.
Precision Topography – Detailed terrain models can be generated from our UAVs. Contours or 3D models with high density point cloud can be output to our customers.
Monitor Site Progress – Map or photograph your project on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to monitor site progress.
Inspection – Inspections done using UAVs remove safety concerns and reduce human error and cost. Our equipment can inspect hard to reach places giving you a high definition image of the item you are trying to inspect. Some inspection examples are:
Infrastructure – Roadways / bridges.
Utilities – Power lines / facilities / pipelines / wind turbines.
Oil and Gas – Remote sites / pipelines.
Construction – Inspect new installations / builds remotely.
Mining – Dangerous slopes / equipment / site changes.
Commercial – Existing building envelopes / rooftops.
Agriculture – Map large crop areas for visual inspection / crop health / define low areas.
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